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Hollywood Goes to War: Links to Check Out

Hollywood enlisted and then some during World War II. Actors, writers, directors, producers, cameramen and other workers either joined the ranks of the military to fight on the front lines or they worked with the government to produce films to “inform” the American public. As I conduct my research into the collaboration between the film industry and the government, I’ve come across several useful links. 


Newsreels and World War II

Another aspect of the project I am working is how newsreels were used to information the public. These short films usually were not longer than ten minutes. They appeared before the main future or other films at movie theaters across the nation.


Understanding History in Today’s World

History in today’s world requires an understanding of the past. Or as I like to say, context is everything when doing comparisons. My point is: avoid history books that condense down a subject or a historical documentary on a TV channel. Go to the source: read newspaper articles from the time period.