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September 11th: 15 Years Later

For my generation, the September 11th Attacks is our John F. Kennedy Assassination. It is a time where you remember what you were doing and where you were when you heard about the attacks in New York City, Washington, D.C. and the crash of United 93 in Pennsylvania. The world for thousands of families changed on that day. The world entire changed. Our nation changed and New York changed.


Hollywood & the War

One of my areas of study is the cooperation between Hollywood and the government during World War 2. It is a fascinating area of study because hundreds of films were made between 1939 and 1945 that have in some way shaped the popular perception of the war.


Book Review: The Hornet’s Nest

For my American History class, we had to review books about a particular time period. I drew The Hornet’s Nest by former president Jimmy Carter. The book itself is a semi-biographical tale of Carter’s family.


Book Speech: The Great Migration of Black Americans

Black Protest and the Great Migration: A Brief History with Documents. follows the migration of up to nearly half-a-million Black Americans during World War I to the urban north. Using documents to back up the historical account, the book highlights the social, economic and political conditions of the South.


Poem: A Letter from the Trenches

Editors note: I’m posting a few poems I wrote a while back for a creative writing class. The following was published in I.U. South Bend’s literary magazine The Analecta. The first poem is from a German...


Poem: Why Must I Go

Editors note: I’m posting a few poems I wrote a while back for a creative writing class.  This poem is about a Jewish mother’s horror as she is separated from her family after their arrival...

14 Years Later: 9/11 Attacks

The above is ABC News’s coverage from September 11, 2001 Memories of a day that changed the world It was a crystal blue sky where I lived on September. 11, 2001. I had just...


25 years after The Wall came down

It was always possible in my lifetime. But for my parents, they never thought they’d see the Fall of the Berlin Wall. The grew up with the world on edge throughout the middle part...