Category: History through Film


Confessions of a Nazi Spy

WARNER BROTHERS (1939) | DIRECTED BY ANATOLE LITVAK | WRITTEN BY MILTON KRIMS & JOHN WEXLEY  Confessions of a Nazi Spy was the first major film to be unabashedly anti-Nazi. Released in 1939, it was...


Newsreels and World War II

Another aspect of the project I am working is how newsreels were used to information the public. These short films usually were not longer than ten minutes. They appeared before the main future or other films at movie theaters across the nation.


History through Film

Films can educate us about our past but it can also twist it make it unrecognizable and distorted creating a myth that’s false or misleading. This is why I’ve come up with this category for the website. It’s a chance for me to showcase a film or a TV series (I’m a big fan of the series MASH) that is about our collective past as a country and as a people.