About Me

Jenn Zellers

Work Experience

Jenn received her BA from Indiana University at South Bend. She was the editor-in-chief and design editor for the school’s newspaper, The Preface from 2009-2010. She currently works as a news producer for a TV station in Indiana.

A Lover of History

Jenn Zellers has a passion for history and Hollywood. While her love for history was born inside a small Midwestern classroom cultivated in junior high, it was not until college that she came into love of cultural history. Three classes at IU South Bend changed her: The History of the CIA, American History through Film, and Nazi Germany. These crazy classes were taught by two of the university’s toughest professors who stressed writing and analyzing over memory of facts. They drove her to become a better writer and to discover a world that exists outside of textbooks. Their passion for history drove Jenn to find her own and to continue the study long after class final. That’s why there’s a history section on the website, there are plans to articles on various events, subjects and time periods.

A Born Writer

Of course, her passion for writing wasn’t born out of history. The passion for scribbling down words came out of elementary school. Her first story was a fan fiction piece (though, she didn’t know it at the time that’s what it was called) based on characters from the CBS TV series Scarecrow and Mrs. King. From there, she decided original stories were the way to go. A little known fact: Jenn has a story that she’s been working on for 30 years. Yes. Three decades. While the places and names  have changed over the years, the core characters remain. At some point, those evolved characters will make their appearance on this website. Just stay tuned. 

There Is Only One Love, the Chicago Cubs

Jenn bleeds Cubbie blue. So you can imagine her emotions when the Cubs finally did in 2016—winning the World Series. Her coworkers will testify she did cry. It’s a reality she can’t believe it is real. After 108 years of disappointments and the utterances of “there’s always next year,” this Cubs fan can finally say World Series Champions.